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The Ultimate Guide to 80s Men’s Fashion: Bold Trends, Styles & Outfit Ideas

Through our exhaustive guide, perhaps, one can relish the quintessence of the 80s men’s fashion; the bold trends, the bright individual style and the perfect match outfit ideas that gave us the zest we needed then back.

Introduction to 80s Men’s Fashion

80s Men's Fashion

It was the era of the 80s which was characterized by outrageous and fascinating fashion displays and stylistic forms. Unlike women who faced a restrictive dress code, males used 80s men’s fashion as a tool to experiment with their looks. They donned the power suits to casual sportswear and left a lasting legacy not only in the world of clothing but also in pop culture. This period is well known for its lively colors, cartoon-like silhouettes and prosperity, which indulged in the fashion and daily way of living. The comprehension of the fashion trends and styles of this season could be the source of inspiration for fashion that has many aspects of the previous fashion that has been popular. The 80’s, moreover, allows you to choose from a variety of styles, which range from structured power dressing in the corporate world to casual, sporty look influenced by the fitness culture, and that is why you can still see the 80’s style in the streets today. 

In the 1980’s, fashion was mooged by a myriad ways, including the music industry, cinemas, and the boost of celebrity culture. The styling of the 80s Men’s Fashion was characterized by a period of excess, with styles ranging from the loud, bright, and shiny to the outrageously big and blinging.

Key Elements of 80s Men’s Fashion

  • Bright Colors and Bold Patterns: Vibrant hues, pastel colors and strong-patterned abstractions dominated.
  • Shoulder Pads and Power Dressing: The graceful puffed sleeves were replaced with power suits with structured shoulders, now known as the garb of a high profile position.
  • Preppy and Sporty Styles: Influenced by the development of ready-wear/ casual wear and sports-inspired clothing.
80s Men's Fashion

Big and Bold: 

It is perceived that an employee dressing smartly leads to subconscious inferences of higher status and perception of better performance.
Distinctive style in appearance was a popular fashion trend in the 80s men’s fashion, particularly among business executives and top-level management. 80s Men’s Fashion style was characterized by:

  • Double-Breasted Suits: Generally we get used to classy colors such as navy blue, black or gray.
  • Shoulder Pads: The jackets and blazers with padded shoulders of sweeping shoulders can be a way to achieve the silhouette of the broader body.
  • Wide Trousers: High-waisted pants with pleats for a structured look.

Casual Cool: Preppy and Sportswear

Casual Cool: Preppy

Casual wear took on a new meaning in the 80s men’s fashion, influenced by preppy styles and sportswear. Key elements included:

  • Polo Shirts and Sweaters: The female character will be shown with the v-neck vest being seen over the shoulders.
  • Chinos and Khakis: Casual trousers are great when accompanied by duram shoes or kipput.
  • Track Jackets and Windbreakers: Glossy Nylon jackets or comfortable, brightly-hued sweaters, if you need your outfit to be sporty.

Music and Subculture Influences

The music industry had a significant influence on fashion trends in the 80s, with genres like new wave, punk, and hip-hop setting the stage for unique styles:The music industry had a significant influence on fashion trends in the 80s, with genres like new wave, punk, and hip-hop setting the stage for unique styles:

  • Punk Rock: Ripped jeans, leather jackets, and combat boots.
  • New Wave: Different colors, prints, and cuts. A narrow tie, a big blazer, and funny extras.
  • Hip-Hop: Baggy jeans, oversized hoodies, and chunky sneakers.

Styles of the 80s

Styles of the 80s

Suits and Jackets

  • Power Suits: Double-breasted with padded shoulders.
  • Leather Jackets: Biker-style or bomber jackets.

Shirts and Tops

  • Polo Shirts: Often with contrasting collars and cuffs.
  • Button-Down Shirts: Bold patterns and colors.

Bottoms and Trousers

  • Chinos and Khakis: Casual and comfortable.
  • Jeans: Acid-washed or ripped styles.


  • Loafers and Boat Shoes: Preppy and casual.
  • High-Top Sneakers: Popularized by basketball culture.


  • Aviator Sunglasses: Oversized and reflective.
  • Chunky Watches and Bracelets: Gold or silver chains.

Outfit Ideas for Modern Wear

Outfit Ideas for Modern Wear

How to Incorporate 80s Fashion Today

Incorporating elements of 80s fashion into modern outfits can add a unique flair to your wardrobe:

  • Mixing Old with New: Pair a vintage blazer with modern jeans.
  • Accessorize Boldly: Add statement jewelry or a retro watch.
  • Experiment with Colors: Incorporate neon accents or pastel shades.

Styling Tips for 80s Inspired Looks

To achieve an 80s-inspired look without appearing too costume-like, follow these styling tips:

  • Balance is Key: Pair a bold piece with neutral items to avoid overdoing it.
  • Choose Quality Pieces: Invest in well-made items that mimic 80s style with a modern twist.


Indeed, if we look at the year’s (and others’) the appearance of subversive and expressive styles turned out to be a characteristic feature of men’s fashion of this epoch. The advent of those times, the ones that are marked by the extremes on using colors, wearing overly-sized clothes, and revolt against the current fashion trends, is seen on how one reveals him/herself through fashion. Nowadays, as I can dress up like a powerful woman of the 80s, I can go for a super feminine look with padded shoulders and polka dots or a glittered metallic jacket, anything you wish – just sexy shoulder tops!The women of the past, age 80s, were identified to be the highly accomplished ladies(powerwomen) who also carried key accessories such as aviator sunglasses, chunky watches, and pearls. The 80s thrill is perpetuated through the swings of trends, which irrespective of whether they are urban street style or runway fashion, continue to celebrate the intriguing and the timeless style of those 80s days. It may be possible to go back to 80s era fashion, not only to create fashionable clothes suitable for now but also to put into life the period when fashion really displayed the passion and very often the art of that time.


1. What were the popular colors in 80s men’s fashion?

  • Neon colors such as bright pink, lime green, and electric blue were popular. Pastel shades like baby blue and peach were also trendy.

2. How did music influence 80s fashion for men?

  • Music genres like punk, new wave, and hip-hop influenced fashion with unique styles such as ripped jeans, oversized blazers, and baggy trousers.

3. Can I wear 80s fashion today?

  • Yes, you can! Incorporate 80s elements into modern outfits by choosing key pieces like bold blazers, neon accessories, or sporty jackets.

4. What accessories were popular in 80s fashion?

  • Aviator sunglasses, chunky watches, and gold chains were popular accessories for men in the 80s.

5. How can I create an 80s inspired outfit?

  • Start with a statement piece like a bold blazer or colorful sneakers, then build your outfit around it with complementary items like jeans or chinos.

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