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Trendy Yet Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Patio With Walmart

As spring blossoms in full swing, seize the opportunity to prepare your patio for the sunny days ahead. Whether you’re seeking new patio furniture for lounging or entertaining, or aiming to infuse vibrant hues with fresh throw pillows or planters, Walmart offers convenient solutions to refresh your outdoor spaces. Even when budget-conscious, revamping your patio is made simple with Trendy Yet Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Patio With Walmart.

At Walmart, you’ll find an abundance of budget-friendly options to enhance your deck, porch, balcony, or patio this season. Among Walmart’s vast array of offerings, keep an eye out for the following major design elements:

  • Art Deco:  The revival of this design aesthetic, born in the 1920s, showcases uncomplicated geometric patterns, graceful arches, curved lines, and fluted embellishments. This aesthetic exudes a vintage allure combined with elegance and glamour.
  • Maximalism: The hallmarks of this design aesthetic, which frequently combines art deco components with bold colors, varied patterns, and gold accents, are striking, so it makes sense that the two trends are gaining so much popularity at the same time.
  • Quiet Luxury: Conversely, we’re also seeing a lot of this minimalist design aesthetic, which combines a laid-back, modest grandeur with neutral color schemes, crisp lines, and minimalism. Frequently, textures rather than colors are used to create interest.
  • Natural Woods: There has been a lot of gray-toned or painted wood in the past, but warmer, earthier, and more natural wood tones—especially those that lean a little darker—are popular right now.
  • Checkerboard Patterns: This two-toned pattern, which has a decidedly retro feel evocative of checkerboard-tiled kitchen flooring, is making an appearance in many different decor pieces and is surprisingly simple to apply to outdoor areas.
A pile of outdoor pillows

Walmart’s Unmatched Convenience and Ease

Walmart is unrivaled in convenience, in addition to its consistently low costs and astonishingly stylish range. Orders can be quickly placed online, using the Walmart app, and delivered, ready for curbside pickup or in-store pickup. By the weekend, you might be relaxing on your newly renovated patio thanks to same-day BOPIS and shipping choices as quick as two days! Better yet, Walmart+ subscribers take use of even more cost-effective and convenient benefits like free same-day delivery, free shipping with no minimum order amount, and exclusive discounts.

So, we’ve compiled a list of some of Walmart’s greatest outdoor decor purchases that incorporate all of the hottest trends of the season to help you give your patio a fun, fresh feel this season (without going over budget)!

8 Trendy Yet Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Patio With Walmart

Nourison Home Positano Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

A blue and white patterned patio rug from Walmart.

This indoor/outdoor area rug, which takes its cues from the current checkerboard tile trend, will instantly give any patio more flair and intrigue. It comes in six distinct sizes to fit any room, as well as multiple color choices. One can go for monochromatic neutrals or combine beige with one of the most calming muted hues of the season, like the aqua option seen below. Best of all, maintaining a clean patio area is simple—just spray it off and let it air dry.

Better Homes & Gardens Textured Color Block Outdoor Pillow by Dave & Jenny Marrs

A cream and muted green outdoor pillow

The muted hues and sleek simplicity of the quiet luxury approach go so well with this color-blocked pillow designed by Dave and Jenny Marrs of HGTV. The modest texturing on this cushion offers just the right amount of visual interest to go with the clean lines and dual tones. Textured textiles are really popular right now. By coincidence, the two-toned pattern would go well with any checkerboard aspect that already exists on your patio, particularly if you sprinkle some of these water- and fade-resistant cushions across your area.

Better Homes & Gardens Tarren Wicker Outdoor Accent Chair

A wicker outdoor accent chair

This comfortable yet very elegant accent chair is a terrific option if you’re searching for a statement piece that will make a big splash in your outdoor space. The chair’s soft cushions and high back make it a comfortable place to cozy up with a good book, but its strong steel and wicker construction is what makes it stand out. The chair may stand alone as the centerpiece of your patio or pair well with other items of similar design thanks to its rounded corners and geometric lines, which give it a very art deco-inspired feel.

Better Homes & Gardens Hudson Brown Resin Planter

A brown resin planter

This stunning planter from Better Homes & Gardens is just one of several indoor and outdoor design pieces that have been influenced by the art deco style’s springtime comeback. The wood-inspired tone of the resin keeps things subdued enough to go with any type of decor, but the geometric design and fluting-inspired ridges scream art deco. The 15-inch-diameter pot’s warm brown color is the ideal match for your foliage, and it has plenty space to showcase some genuinely eye-catching flowers.

Mainstays Medallion Decorative Throw Pillow

A patterned decorative throw

Maximalism, on the periphery of the art deco aesthetic, is likewise enjoying popularity. Adding colorful, reasonably priced accents to your patio, like this throw pillow, makes incorporating this decor trend much simpler. This vivid, eye-catching pillow will bring a dash of color and fun to any decor with its bold yet harmonious palette and eclectic pattern, which places it at the center of the maximalism movement. The best part is that the pricing is perfect for adding a few to your outdoor sofa or even upgrading all of your Adirondack or patio dining chairs to something more plush.

Better Homes & Gardens Marina Ceramic Garden Stool

A ceramic garden stool

This garden stool, with its art deco-inspired design, combines functionality and style into a striking, lightweight design that’s perfect for updating your patio this season. Made of clay with an all-weather coating, this piece is truly a five-in-one: it can serve as a gorgeous sculpture, side table, plant stand, footrest, or extra seating as needed.

Mainstays Outdoor Steel Fireplace with Chimney

An outdoor fireplace with chimney

This steel fireplace is about the most practical way to mix the timeless yet contemporary design trends of wood and metal if you’re looking to make the most of your patio space this spring. In addition to being really chic and providing a wonderful space for socializing, the fireplace has a chimney that keeps smoke away from your seating area, making it a more pleasurable experience. In order to have ready access to warmth on frigid evenings, it also provides space underneath for storing firewood.

Better Homes & Gardens Ellan White Resin Plant Pot Planter

A white resin pot planter

Is it ever enough to have potted plants on your patio? We don’t think so, especially when they’re as attractive and functional as Better Homes & Gardens’ lightweight resin planter. Along with the clean lines and pure white color scheme, the fluted exterior seamlessly blends in with the serene luxury appeal of modern art deco architecture. The 16-inch-diameter planter will give your outside settings a lovely home for your plant kids to flourish, regardless of the aesthetic you’re striving for.

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